Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking has been a part of computing for almost five decades and it is a very broad discipline, which covers a wide range of topics. The first known event of hacking had taken place in 1960 at MIT and at the same time, the term “Hacker” was originated.

Hacking is the act of finding the possible entry points that exist in a computer system or a computer network and finally entering into them. Hacking is usually done to gain unauthorized access to a computer system or a computer network, either to harm the systems or to steal sensitive information available on the computer.

Hacking is usually legal as long as it is being done to find weaknesses in a computer or network system for testing purpose. This sort of hacking is what we call Ethical Hacking.

A computer expert who does the act of hacking is called a “Hacker”. Hackers are those who seek knowledge, to understand how systems operate, how they are designed, and then attempt to play with these systems.

The reason for ethical hacking is to assess the security of and recognize vulnerabilities in frameworks, systems or framework foundation. It incorporates finding and endeavoring to misuse any vulnerabilities to decide if unapproved get to or different vindictive exercises are conceivable.

Ethical programmers by and large discover security exposures in uncertain framework setups, known and obscure equipment or programming vulnerabilities just as operational shortcomings in procedure or specialized countermeasures.Any association that has a system associated with the Internet or gives an online assistance ought to consider exposing it to infiltration testing directed by ethical programmers.

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