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In 2019, Credencer Technologies started operations as a IT reseller operating from Hyderabad and specializing in hardware and software solutions. Since then, the company has evolved to become one of the leading IT infrastructure Reseller in the Indian region.

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Phone:   (040) 427 00106   |   (812) 519 8336 Email:   info@credencer.com


SAP is creating tremendous buzz in all around the IT sector. SAP is globally accepted technology because of its numerous advantages and capabilities. If you want to groom yourself then you should take SAP training from one of the Best SAP Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad, Credencer. They have complete solution for students and professionals. They are among the leading name in such services. If you want to learn something unique and game-changer things, you should enroll yourself with Credencer to get SAP training from the experts.

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What is ERP?

. An introduction to ERP
. An introduction to ERP
. ERP Product Evolution
. ERP Services Overview (OSS)
. An introduction to BASIS

Basics to startup with BASIS Administration

. An introduction to Operating Systems
. An introduction to Database Systems
. Overview of computer Networks
. An introduction to Kernel Software

Description of R/3

. Client / Server Solution
. Overview of 3 layer interface
. An introduction to R/3

The Architecture of ERP R/3

. Presentation Interface
. Application interface
. Database interface
. Overview of R/3 Architecture
. Overview of Dispatcher & Work Processes.

The concept of ERP Instance

Landscape and Implementation Lifecycle

. Overview of Software Development
. Overview of ERP Landscape
. Landscape types
. Lifecycle Implementation concepts
Installation and Guidelines
. Elements in ERP R/3 installation
. Installation requirement
. System sizing
. Installation File Systems
. Installation of RDBMS
. Installation of ERPInst tools
. Install central Instance
. Load Database
. Installation Database
. Post installation Activities

Working with ERP server

. Start & Stop ERP R/3 Server
. Directory Structures
. Overview of ERP MMC
. ERP & Oracle Environment Variables
. ERP Logon Pad configuration
. Overview of ERP License system
. Overview of Transaction & Dialog step

Management of users

. Overview of user Administration
. Managing User Master Records
. Managing User Groups
. Mass User Management
. Managing Logged-on Users
. Central User Administration

CCMS & Configurations

. Overview of System Profiles
. Overview of Operation Modes
. Overview of Background jobs
. Overview of Log-on Load Balancing
. Overview of Memory Management
. Overview of Os Collector
. Overview of Performance Management
. Overview of alert monitoring
. ERP system Pro-Active Health checks

The Authorization System in ERP R/3

. Overview of Authorization System
. Maintaining Authorizations
. Working with Profile Generator
. Crating Roles
. Maintaining Org. Levels
User Information System
. Overview of Users & Authorization Tables
. System Profile Parameters for User

ERP R/3 Client Management

. Overview of R/3 client
. Client Copy methods
. Client copy Requirements & Process
. Open / Close R/3 Client
. Overview of RFC
. Deleting R/3 Client
. Client Refresh
. Copying DB Tables among clients

The Transport System

. Overview of change Transport System
. Transport System Concepts
. System Change Options
. Working with Change and Transport Organizer
. Overview of transport Management System
. Configuring Systems and Domains
. Configuring Transport Routes
. Distributing and Verifying configuration
. Overview of tp & R3trans
. Performing Transports with tp Program
. Overview of the Complete Process of Transporting

Patch Management

. Overview of Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-ons
. Types of Support Packages
. Downloading Support Packages
. Support pack Dependencies and Requirements
. Applying Support Packages, Plug-ins & Add-on
. ERP R/3 Kernel Upgrade

ERP Administration for Oracle Database

. Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture
. Oracle Directory structure for R/3
. Overview of physical Layer
. Overview of Logical Layer
. Introduction to Cost – Based Optimizer
. Introduction to ERPDBA & BRTOOLS
. Tablespace Administration
. Introduction to Database Reorganization
. Database General Activities

ERP Printing System

. ERP Spool system Architecture
. Introduction to ERP Access Methods
. Defining R/3 Printer Devices
. Managing spool Requests
. The ERPLPD Driver Program
. TEMSE object Database
. Troubleshooting printing problems

General Administration Utilities

. Monitoring ERP Instances
. Monitoring System Work Process
. Managing User Sessions
. Managing Update Records
. Managing Lock Entries
. Managing R/3 System Logs
. Analyzing ABAP Dumps
. System Tracing Utilities
. Managing Batch Input Sessions