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In 2019, Credencer Technologies started operations as a IT reseller operating from Hyderabad and specializing in hardware and software solutions. Since then, the company has evolved to become one of the leading IT infrastructure Reseller in the Indian region.

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Phone:   (040) 427 00106   |   (812) 519 8336 Email:   info@credencer.com

SAP HANA Administration

SAP is creating tremendous buzz in all around the IT sector. SAP is globally accepted technology because of its numerous advantages and capabilities. If you want to groom yourself then you should take SAP training from one of the Best SAP Online Training Institutes in Hyderabad, Credencer. They have complete solution for students and professionals. They are among the leading name in such services. If you want to learn something unique and game-changer things, you should enroll yourself with Credencer to get SAP training from the experts.

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-Get introduced to SAP HANA 
-Main SAP HANA Features 
-Setting up VMware and Installing SUSE Linux
-Creating and Configure a new Virtual Machine with SUSE Linux operating system 
-SAP HANA Installation
-Installation Landscape Overview 
-Software Components 
-Pre-Requisites before Installing SAP HANA 
-Understand paths, required parameters and users 
-Understand Installation Options 
-Install SAP HANA DB using HDBLCM GUI 
-Install SAP HANA DB Using HDBLCM 
-Important: Often used Paths 
-Uninstalling the SAP HANA DB with HDBLCM 
-Advanced : Installing SAP HANA in batch mode using HDBLCM 
-Installing client and studio in Windows 
-Connecting SAP HANA Studio with the DB 
-SAP HANA Multiple Host Installation
-Post Installation Checks
-Updating and Patching SAP HANA
-Sizing and Scenarios
-SAP HANA Multi Container DB Installation
-SAP HANA Administration tools
-SAP HANA Studio 
-DBA Cockpit 
-SAP HANA Operations
-Starting and Stopping SAP HANA Part 1 -Server Side 
-Starting and Stopping SAP HANA Part 2 - Studio Side 
-Starting and Stopping SAP HANA Part 3 - Through Portal Side
-Configuring SAP HANA Part 1 - Server Side 
-Configuring SAP HANA Part 2 - Studio Side 
-SAP HANA Table Administration - Basics 
-Monitoring and Troubleshooting
-Configuring Traces 
-Working with Diagnose files 
-Standard System Tables - SQL Console - Running standard Admin Queries 
-How to analyze a Query 
-Managing Security, Users and Profiles
-Create Users 
-Privileges and Roles 
-Analytic Privileges 
-End to End security: Mapping HANA and BOBJ User 
-BackUp and Recovery
-Concept of Backup and Recovery 
-Taking a Data Back-Up 
-Log Area Backup 
-Recover a Data base and Data Base copy